How SkyRun's Software Makes Managing Properties Easier
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SkyRun Vacation Rentals stays competitive and one step ahead of the competition with our own proprietary software called "SkyTrax." SkyRun was founded in 2004 byBarry Cox(technical background at IBM) andSteve Falk(business development, legal and start-up background) with the vision of injecting technology into a decades-old business of vacation rentals. They recognized that technology would allow them to market properties on a level playing field with large established companies and help guests find better properties at a better price.

They also realized that technology can improve operations, such as by maintaining property availability lists, automating inspection procedures, and ensuring properties are properly appointed for guests. SkyTrax was all made in an effort to make sure that the guests had the best experience while staying at a SkyRun.

Keeping Track of Everything:  

Our software is fully developed and continually updated based on feedback from our 24 SkyRun locations. There is no more scrambling to get properties ready for guests. No more delays when things are needed. We know about them and have the foresight to mitigate a potential hiccup before they happen. Most importantly, we never have to “cross our fingers and hope” that we have everything just right. Due to our ability to keep track of the little things, we know we have the job done right.  


Analyse the Market and Adjust Accordingly:

Setting your prices dynamically to take advantage of the fluctuations of the housing market is a time-consuming process. In the past, once a price was set upon, someone would have to log into all of the different platforms that listed your property. Our SkyRun Software is fully integrated with all major Online Travel Agency platforms. Once the research has been completed, simply input that data into our software and SkyRun does the rest. We are constantly taking in customer feedback from the guest, property owners, as well as the location owners and all of their employees. If there is an improvement to be made, our highly skilled team of developers jump on it to make that change happen.

Embracing the Online Travel Agencies:

Controversial? For some property management companies embracing OTAs is a terrible idea. For SkyRun, OTAs are a partner and another way to market our unique properties on an even greater scale. Once we put our properties on over 30+ different OTA platforms (including our own, we quickly noticed a problem. There were way too many logins to keep track of in order to handle the incoming inquiries over all those platforms. Our web development team put their heads together and quickly came up with a solution. With the help of a third-party developer, we have created a system that umbrellas out to all of those OTA platforms and funnels them down to one system. This means that we interact with one system while talking to hundreds of guests on over 30+ different platforms. Once again, our one system is fully integrated with all of the user interactive on the individual OTA. This allows for the guest experience to be as seamless as possible.

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