Vacation Rental Case Study: 18 Months | $85,429.55 Rental Income


Chris and Laurie purchased their 5 bedroom home in Breckenridge and quickly realized that they needed a partner they could trust and who had the experience to manage their new home. It was important that their home was well taken care of and that they would be able to generate good rental income. Chris and Laurie contacted several property management companies including SkyRun Breckenridge. While most companies never even returned their call or presented them with a complex fee structure, within 2 hours they received a phone call (on a Friday evening) from Mike McGoff withSkyRun Breckenridge.

Immediately, Chris and Laurie knew they had a partner they could depend on to manage their home. “We talked with Mike for nearly an hour about Breckenridge as a location for a rental property and the services they could offer us as prospective clients. Mike’s explanation of the SkyRun philosophy was straightforward and very easy for first-time rental property owners to understand. Our conversation with Mike left us feeling like we had made a new friend in Breckenridge, an area where we knew no one”, Chris, SkyRun homeowner.

Within a week, the property was listed and marketed on over 45 websites within the US and internationally. The reservations started pouring in. Within the first 18 months, they earned $85,429.55, and that number continues to grow. In an area where the competition is fierce, their first-year results were amazing.  Chris and Laurie are so thrilled with SkyRun that they nominated SkyRun Breckenridge for a Service Champion award with the Town of Breckenridge.

“SkyRun has taken a personal interest in our home, its care, and in keeping it filled. Whenever we call with a need, they respond and they do the same for their guests. We trust Mike and Anna like family and we could not do this without them.”

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Original author: (Will Beihoffer)